UC Davis Genome Center Core Services

Principal investigator or Laboratory Head

For academic groups this refers to the professor whose lab is creating an account. For industry this could refer to project leader, division leader, etc. Whoever is most responsible for scientifically tracking the order should be named. Please provide all relevant contact information including phone number, department or group, and email address.

Designated account administrator

The account administrator can be the person signing up, or any other individual from the lab or group. This person will be solely entitled to add new lab users and change financial account information for this account. This extra level of administration provides more security for the account. The principal investigator/lab head is also granted these privileges by default.

Financial information for billing purposes.

We require the contact information for your departmental or group financial administrator-this includes their name, phone, email, and FAX # if relevant. For internal UCD users, we require the 7 character DaFIS string-this can be numeric, alphabetic, or both. You can also provide a 5 character sub-account if you want but it's not required. For other users, we can use a purchase order # or simply a billing address.

A list of users.

The PI and account administrator are automatically placed on this list, but at this time you can add all lab members who will be using the service cores as well. The usual contact information is required-name, phone number, and email address. Users can be added or removed at any time by the account administrator.

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